An inspiring message was delivered by Bishop Jeffrey N. Leath, Presiding Bishop of the 13th Episcopal District.  He is shown with Grand Worthy Matron Meeks, Deputy Grand Matron, Sharon Franklin and officers of the Daughters of Isis. Grand Worthy Patron, Cedric Bailey, and Grand Worthy Matron, Rubye B. Meeks are pictured with concordant body representatives from:  O.E.S., Guild, H. O. J., Circle of Perfection, Golden Circle and DO.I. who were regaled to represent their respective bodies. Also, Past Grand Worthy Matron Carrie T. Herron was strong enough to participate in the worship service and she is seated on the front row in a purple robe. Members of Mt. Pleasant Sunbeams were also present to escort Grand Worthy Matron Meeks.  We are so proud of our youth: Chynna Sample, Tanisha Johnson, Ronnita Clayton, Jacqueline King, Asia Torry, and Amya Torry
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