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Grand Chapter Appointed Officers

Honored Grand Star Points
Sis. James.etta Barbee (84) Grand Adah
Sis. Katina Wade-George (78) Grand Ruth
Sis. Dameasha Pickett (136) Grand Esther
Sis. Deborah Bobo ( 106) Grand Martha
Sis. Patricia Elam (221) Grand Esther
Alternate Star Points
Sis. Casondra Renaye Wilson (61)
Sis. Loretta Trice (5)
Sis. Regina Elam (125)
Sis. Eloise Grigsby (291)
Sis. Deanna Peppers (241)
Honored Grand Flag Bearers
Sis. Gwen Nonnan (77) Grand Christian Flag
Sis. Monica Helton (4) Grand U.S. Flag
Sis. Vivian Jackson (1) Grand O.E.S. Flag
Alternate Flag Bearers
Sis. Carmanelette Rawls (232)
Sis. Renee Wilson (255)
Sis. Brenda  Brinkley (22)

Sis. June Jones, PGWM ( 117), Grand Lecturer
Sis. Donna Berkley (215), Grand Assistant Secretary
Sis. Helen J .H. Davis (74), Special Services- Chr
Sis. Marsha Woodall ( 127), Grand Warder
Sis. Debra Norris (144), Grand Warder
Sis. Elizabeth Nelson (233) Grand Warder
Bro. Richard Homer ( 191), Grand Sentinel
Bro. Roger Thompson (62), Grand Sentinel
Sis. Lena Baker ( 105), Honored Grand Chaplain
Sis. Francis Scott (22), Grand Assistant Chaplain
Sis. Beverly Staten (22), Grand Assistant Chaplain
Sis. Wanda Grissom (191), Grand Marshal
Sis. Annetta Picket ( 5), Grand Marshal
Sis. Marva] Williams (61), Grand C.C.F.C
Sis. Kathleen Evans (5), Grand Publicist
Sis. Yonette Martin (5), Grand Webmaster
Sis. Ceci llia Showers (123), Grand Historian - Chr
Sis. Mary Brown (58), Grand Sunday School Supervisor
Sis. Maria Starks (125), Grand Assistant Sunday School Supervisor
Sis. Deborah Reese (136), Grand Choir Director
Sis. Crystal Brown (4), Grand Musician

Team Captains
Sis. Autry Whatley (77), O.E:S. Team Captain
Sis. Jon Pettu's-Mays'(78), Queen of the South Team Captain
Sis. Helen JH Davis (74), Amaranth -Team Captain
Sis. Eva N. Drain, PGWM (136), Administrative Degree Team Captain
Sis. Kimberly Shropshire (115), Chapter of Sorrow Team Captain
Sis. LaTashja R. Mosby ( 113) Excelsior Purple Gems Chairman
Aid to Black Colleges
Sis. Annetta Green-Pickett (5), Chr.  
Sis. Carrie T. Herron (291)
Sis. Ruby Merriweather (1)      
Sis. Maude R. Washington (149)
Sis. Gloria Bridges (220)    
Sis. Magnolia Blair (249)
Sis. Melissa Stewart (133)
Sis. Maxine Mercer (98)
Sis. Rhonda Norris (106)

Appeals and Grievances
Sis. Johnnie Boyd ( 35) Chr
Sis. Alisha Senter ( 1)        
Sis. Hazel Thompson (62)

Sis. June E. Jones (1 17)
Sis. Charoline Simmons (105)
Sis. Lula M. Warren (2)
Sis. Elenora Mallory (148)

Nurses Unit
Sis. Gwendolyn Ragland ( 117)
Sis. Carmen Moore (252)
Sis. Stacy Bogard-Holme (54)

Memphis Supplier
Sis. Beverly Moore (118)
Sis. Shelia Snow (118) Asst.

Sis.  Cindy Holt (35)), Chr.
Sis. Chandra McKinner (264)
Sis. Betty Cox (157)
Sis. June E. Jones (1 17)
Bro. Edward V. Leak (229)
Sis. Eva N. Drain (136)
Sis. Erica Bowman (241 )
Bro. Harold Evans (5)

Sis. Sadie Miller

Sis. Frances Neal (87)
Special Services
Sis. Helen J H Davis, (73), Chr
Sis. Stephanie Norfleet (62)
Sis. Georgia Springfield ( 153)
Sis. Erica Davis (229)
Sis. Brenda Turner (73)
Bro. Jack May (140)
Sis. Mary Harris (62)

Sunbeam Organizer and Supervisor
Sis. Bessie Simms (5)

Ways and Means
Sis. Katie Wilson (61), General Chairman          
Sis. Karen Camper (241), General Co-Chair


District  Chairs:
(4&6) Sis. Mary Halliburton, 136   
(9) Sis. Fannie Holt, 140  
(10) Sis. Vernell Jackson, 68
(15) Sis. Magnolia Blair, 278      
(18) Sis. Florence Smith, 61     
(19) Sis: Thelma Batson, 5
(SoJx)) Sis. Vanessa Wash ington, 98                           
(NoJx) Sis. Dorothy Jones, 293
(NW) Sis. Blois Nolen, 125  
(NW) Sis. Sharon Teague Sis. Betty Cox, 157
(Mphs)   Sis. Jacqual ine McWhite, 241  
(Mphs) Sis. Kim Shropshire, 1 15
(Chatt) Sis. Gwen Norman, 284  
(Knx) Sis. Mary Threat,  13  
(Nasv) Sis.  Martha  Sawyers, 133



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